The new Justice League trailer that was released today feels like an extended cut of the trailer we have already seen. For the most part the trailer includes similar scenes to the first lengthy trailer but extends them. From those extended scenes we do get a slightly better sense of how this movie might play out and for the most part it seems like it is going to be a lighter hearted affair than Batman V Superman. The more I see of this movie the more it looks like they really want to separate themselves from Batman V Superman. From what I can tell DC is looking to become more like Marvel, so far what I have seen of this movie tells me that DC thinks they tried it their way, it failed, and now they just want to make a successful movie so they are just going to use the now cliché superhero formula. Honestly I will probably enjoy this movie either way but I don’t want to see DC buckle into the pressure of creating a franchise as successful as the Avengers by creating DC’s Avengers.

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