Power Rangers The Movie:


2 hrs 4 min

Stinger: Mid-credits only

Disclosure: I am a fan of the original Power Rangers and have been for a long time, this is coming from a fan perspective. To people who aren’t fans this movie can very easily not be as much to your liking because it does have a nostalgia boost.

The first Power Rangers movie, in the sure to be Power Rangers Movie Franchise, is a decent example of how to take a well known franchise and make something new and at the same time make something that pays tribute to the original. They do stray kind of far from the source material but still somehow manage to make it up to fans. They keep certain things in line with the original, and a lot of what has been changed, fans weren’t too fond of to begin with. The main thing the movie gets right and better than the original are the characters. The characters of the Power Rangers are probably written stronger than they have ever been and have any right being. The way they handle Billy in-particular made me actually feel like that is the way Billy should have been in the original as well, and I believe having that opinion is one of the highest compliments you can give a reboot of a franchise. Each Power Ranger has their own charm and each one feels unique and fleshed out enough especially for 5 main characters in a 2 hour movie. There is definitely a well defined team dynamic that is pretty much the heart of the movie. The way each team member interacts with each other feels natural and entertaining. The other thing the movie does better than the original Power Rangers is giving the powers, characters and abilities behind the Power Rangers a more robust and meaningful backstory.

The writing in this movie is surprisingly where it shines the most. This is a very well written film, at least more than any Power Ranger movie probably deserves to be. The dialog is great and everything is well paced. Which is surprising because I went into it expecting more of a popcorn flick and other than the last 20 min that isn’t what I got. The movie comes off as more of a story with some action than an action movie with some story. That however is for better and worse.

This movie feels like two different movies put together in a way that doesn’t quite fit. The entire film is about them getting their powers up until they do, before that point I was enjoying the film a good bit and then they flipped on me. Everything after that moment comes off as a quick wrap up, and them trying to cover all the ground of what the Power Rangers can do in a 20 minute time span because they spent the rest of the movie on the characters and backstories. I get the feeling that they really wanted the movie to pretty much be what the first hour and forty minutes are but it is a Power Rangers movie so you have to have those action scenes so they forced them in there. You get a couple minutes of Zord battles, a couple minutes of hand to hand fighting, and of course the Megazord battle but none of them were even remotely good action sequences. The Zord battle was probably the worst, it suffered the same fate as Transformers by having moments where you couldn’t tell what was going on. This led to an ending that was incredibly underwhelming compared to the rest of the film. The movie seems to be more enjoyable as you watch it than remembering it which to me isn’t common but maybe that end just kind of ruined my memory of it.

Overall this movie is a good start to the franchise. They did a lot of things right all they need to do now is focus just as much on the action scenes as they did on the writing and they can have a really good Power Ranger film on their hands.

7.5 out of 10

Counterpoint coming soon