Ghost Recon Wildlands is what you would expect from an open-world Ghost Recon game. If you’ve ever played a Ghost Recon game that should give you an idea of how much you are going to like this game. While this game is missing some of the Ghost Recon staples that have been with the series since Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, at its core the game is still very much Ghost Recon. The game still does what Ghost Recon does best. Both stealth and sniping are practically the best in the shooting video game genre. However everything out side of that is hit and miss.

The missions can be fun but incredibly repetitive and a good story would probably make them worthwhile. Unfortunately the story is kind of bland in parts but certain moments that stand out. There are about maybe 4 or 5 different type of missions that repeat in different areas and different ways throughout the campaign. I enjoyed the challenges each area brought even though for the most part it was the same goal. To make this a little more interesting I recommend playing on the hardest difficulty. By playing on the hardest difficulty it really forces you to learn the best way to get to the goal and clear out the area efficiently and quickly. Which is always a fun and rewarding challenge almost no matter how many times you do it.

What really keeps the game interesting is whoever you are playing with. I can’t emphasis enough that you should not play this game alone, whether it is with 1 other person or 3, as long as you are playing with someone you enjoy playing with you’ll enjoy playing this game. This game was made for co-op and they did some very smart things to make the game one of the more pick up and play shooter co-op games out there. At the start of the game you can do any of the regular non-boss missions at anytime and anyone can join you. You can really beat any part of the game with just some of the starting gear. There is a leveling system and it does help to be a higher level but really anyone can start at any point and just play. The way the weapons unlock also contribute to this. As long as you know where they are you can get that weapon so if you join a game but you think it is too hard, you probably have a teammate who knows where a better gun is and they can just fly you out there and it can be picked up. Another good touch to the multiplayer is that every player has their own difficulty. So players who aren’t as experienced or don’t want to play in a higher difficulty don’t have to and they won’t be holding back the rest of the team, which is a nice touch. There were countless moments where me and my co-op partner had a lot of fun, and part of the fun was how glitchy and awkward some of the game is.

Ghost Recon Wildlands definitely has some annoying game mechanics. The spawn points are pretty terrible and for some reason whether you died or failed the mission decides where you spawn. Another weird side note about spawning is you can spawn vehicles and the game doesn’t let you pick where the vehicle spawns, it will just spawn at a designated spot. That spot happens to be the same spot for your respawn, so if you summon a helicopter after dying and don’t move more than likely that helicopter will flatten you. Also if you have to travel somewhere during the mission you could be practically in another territory on your respawn and then have to fast travel back. A decent amount of mission locations are located on top of a hill and often times you will respawn on the bottom of the hill in an area that you can’t climb up unless you walk all the way around again. For me this was one of the biggest gripes to the game, but it was surmountable. There are also enemies that will constantly drive up and down roads and you might be in the middle of a mission and you’ll get spotted from a distance because a car drove by. In a way this is cool because it gives you an unexpected element but really it is just a nuisance.

When Ghost Recon Wildlands works it works really well. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to clear out an entire base without alerting anyone, or going through a base while barely killing anyone and not getting spotted. Yeah, I could have put the game on the easier difficulty and ran through the base no problem but it wouldn’t have been nearly as grand and working with my teammate wouldn’t have mattered as much.

Overall Ghost Recon Wildlands is a pretty looking sandbox game that is as fun as you make it, and the more co-op partners the more fun. I’m pretty sure I have never experienced so many memorable crazy moments in a game in a very long time. However what isn’t memorable is the story (especially the true ending), but most people don’t really play Ghost Recon for the story anyway.

8.5 out of 10