According to a recent supposed leak on 4chan there will be a Nintendo Direct on Saturday April 1st. Here is what was in the supposed leak:

Nintendo Direct 4.1.2017

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door HD
A remaster of the GameCube classic for Nintendo Switch. In addition to bringing back the features fans loved about the original, some things are tweaked and balanced, like the back tracking in Twilight Town. The game is scheduled for release in October.

Super Mario Maker for Nintendo Switch
A port of Mario Maker is coming to Switch with the Wii U features intact. This includes Amiibo support, Costume Mario, and uploading levels to Course World. A couple new course features are introduced as well, like slopes.

Breath of the Wild DLC
Gameplay is shown of the Cave of Trails, which was announced back in February. The new feature in the map shows players when enemy camps are nearby.

Splatoon 2
A new trailer is shown detailing the game’s story mode. Agent 3 must defend Inkopolis from the Octarians as they invade Inkopolis and try to steal back the Great Zapfish. Bill also talks about the game’s ranked modes, which include the returning Splat Zones and Tower Control, along with a new mode. In addition, all 3 modes can be selected separately at any time, and are not tied to a time rotation like the stages. The game will also be compatible with the Splatoon series of Amiibo, and the Amiibo challenges from the first game are returning.

Virtual Console
Virtual Console will be starting up soon. NES and SNES titles are planned to start being released in May. Gamecube Games are indeed coming to the Virtual Console. Certain games that required Analog Triggers will have the option to configure the shoulder buttons to indicate a light, or full press. For example, pressing R will indicate a light press, or ZR will indicate a full press. Super Smash Bros. Melee will be available in early June, with Super Mario Sunshine and Mario Kart Double Dash coming in late June.

Indie Games
Bill passes it over to Damon Baker, who announces release dates for some of the Indie Games described in the Indie Presentation back in February. Runner 3 will launch on October 12th, SteamWorld Dig 2 will launch on June 8th, Overcooked: Special Edition will launch on May 18th, Stardew Valley will release on July 13th, and Shakedown Hawaii will release on April 6th.

Ever Oasis
Damon them pases it back to Bill to talks about upcoming 3DS games. This section starts with talking about Ever Oasis, which releases on June 8th.

Lady Layton
Lady Layton is coming to the US, and is planned for a 2018 release date.

Fire Emblem Echoes
Details on the special edition of the game are given, as well as a deeper look into the game’s world, and what the Alm and Celica Amiibo do. The Amiibo can allow you to summon certain characters from past Fire Emblem titles to add to your party. You can also scan previously released Amiibo of FE characters and add them.

The direct ends with the new trailer for ARMS. It details the game’s story mode, and announces 4 new characters. The game releases on May 29th.

There is nothing Smash Bros. related in this direct. Not even the 3 remaining Amiibo. Don’t get your hopes up.

Personally I am inclined to believe this. The only thing off is the actual day being not only on April Fool’s Day but on a Saturday as well. Other than that I was pretty confident that Nintendo would release some information about the future of the Nintendo Switch around a month after release. So to me this makes perfect sense. The dates and the details seem very realistic. I’m going to mostly give a glance at why I think this is legit and once the Nintendo Direct happens I’ll share more of what can be said about this news.

The Super Smash Bros. Melee for Switch and Gamecube games being on the Switch is one of the most exciting things on this list and also one of the least surprising. This has been rumored for awhile, along with Super Mario Sunshine and Luigi’s Mansion, the latter is strangely missing. It was leaked from the team working on it that it was supposed to come out, and this was leaked pre-Switch conference. This is something I’m surprised Nintendo has waited this long to reveal so doing so very soon wouldn’t surprise me. The only thing that throws me off here is Mario Kart Double Dash, it seems like it should be a low priority to Nintendo with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe right around the corner but Nintendo is known for making weird decisions.

The announcement of a Virtual Console date has to be coming soon. Nintendo has promised that they will offer a Virtual Console game for a month and that service will be free up until near the end of the year. Most companies wouldn’t promote something like that and wait almost until more than half way through the year.

Super Mario Maker for the Switch seems like a no brainer for Nintendo to do so it makes perfect sense that Nintendo would be revealing that soon.

The Breath of Wild DLC is something people have been wondering about for awhile and now that the game is out I am sure many fans are dying to see what their next adventures in Hyrule will be like. Showing this off is a logical move for Nintendo in building on the crazy momentum the Switch has from this game.

There are also a lot of small details that to me seem to add up. I wouldn’t say get your hopes up for a Nintendo Direct on Saturday but definitely don’t be surprised if it happens.