I am currently about 15 hours into my first (probably only), play through of Mass Effect Andromeda and I probably made a mistake from the get go. I chose the hardest difficulty. So far I’m surviving but it’s been a time consuming experience.

The hardest difficulty is pretty unfair but somewhat manageable. The ability to do side quests that don’t involve combat but still earn you XP are a great commodity that I recommend anyone attempting to do this use. Getting more XP will get you to a higher level and a higher level will give you more skill unlocks. With that being said, spend those wisely. Figure out what type of gun you want to focus on the most (I highly recommend the shotgun) and make sure to get as far as you can in your skill tree with that weapon. Also find a good ability to level up for your character, I still haven’t found one that has wowed me but try going with whatever sounds best.

Fighting the Kett is the easier option. If you can find missions that seem to be related to them try them out first. They are the more traditional take cover and hide enemies. You can take out a sniper and take them out from a distance or pretty much use any normal shooting tactics. Feel free to take your time with the Kett, the slower the better. Just make sure you don’t let their shields recharge. The Kett are pretty straight forward and so far haven’t caused me much trouble.

Fighting the Remnant has been the true battle. You almost have to take what you think you know about shooters and throw it out the window. First off don’t take cover. The cover in this game is crap for the most part, very few and far between. If you take cover you risk accidently climbing over it and completely revealing yourself to the enemy. The Remnant are also known for getting behind you, which is incredibly annoying, especially on this difficulty. You’re best strategy when fighting the Remnant is actually to run around them as much as possible with a shotgun and shoot them as you go by, basically never stop moving, and dodging.  Take cover as briefly as possible after taking a large amount of damage. When facing a group of different class Remnant you should make Assemblers a priority because they will spawn other Remnant.

One of the best things I can tell you is don’t get ahead of your level. Try to do everything there is before moving onto what might be a harder part of the game. If you go to a mission and you can’t handle it back out and try an easier one. Hopefully when you go back a couple levels later you won’t have nearly the amount of trouble when you first tried. If it isn’t you can always lower the difficulty at anytime if you ever feel like giving up.

So far these are the key things I have discovered, if anyone has any other tips or tricks feel free to share them in the comments below.

  • Update: There are side missions where you can get around the enemy and still finish the mission with little to no resistance. Highly recommended for easy leveling. 
  • Update 2: I recommend doing The Secret Project on Eos, there are areas that you can barricade yourself in which make it easy to take out the enemy while gaining a good bit of XP.