Joss Whedon is in talks with Warner Bros. to direct a DCEU Batgirl film. After being responsible for so much of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Joss Whedon left Marvel over, what seemed to be, creative differences. Whedon didn’t seem too happy with the way Marvel was handling what he had worked on and left somewhat abruptly. Is Joss Whedon now getting his revenge?

To me this development can be taken as good and bad. On one hand DC has landed one of the better known comic book directors, who seems to have the magic touch when it comes to his movies. This is a huge get for DC, they definitely need someone to more legitimize the DCEU. If they give Joss Whedon more free reign with this universe, at least more than Marvel gave him theirs, they could have a very happy director and some very happy fans.

The negative is that this is a Marvel director, not only a Marvel director but the director who has left a huge mark on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Can a director with such a distinct style create something that doesn’t feel like a Marvel movie. I’m not too optimistic.

And on the unknown side of things, will DC even be able to keep Joss Whedon in their pocket. It seems doubtful, it seems like almost every month a director drops out of one of their films, and Whedon already left an even bigger project and I’m sure a bigger paycheck. DC will really have to give him a different treatment than they have their past directors if they want to keep him.

Here is hoping that everything goes through with this and ideally we get a good Batgirl movie that feels like it doesn’t belong in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.