If you are a Nintendo Switch owner there is a good chance that your Switch’s battery has been lying to you, I know that mine has. I’ve noticed over the past couple weeks that some times when I take my Switch out of the cradle and turn it off, it will claim I only have < 90% battery life. This was making me wonder if maybe I was losing more battery on certain days between taking it off the dock and turning it on later, or if something was going on with the charging dock not truly charging all the way but it thinks it has. I have found out that neither of those are the case.

Yesterday when I turned my Switch on I believe it was at 86%, I then played it down to 53% and turned it off. A couple hours had passed and I turned it back on now it said 74%. So now the question was, did I somehow gain the percentage back that I thought I had lost, did I not actually use all the percent that it thought I did, or is this just a fluke and it really is at 53%. After playing the Switch down to about 15% I put it back on the charger and it seemed to charge incredibly quickly, it jumped up to 100% in about half an hour. The reason for this I still don’t entirely understand.

Today I grabbed the now 100% charged Switch and as usual turned it off, this time though I turned it back on about 10 minutes later. To my surprise when I turned it on my Switch was telling me it has 56% battery life. First thing that came to mind was the fast charge from last night. Did my switch think it fully charged it and then stopped at around what was truly 56%? I immediately turned my Switch off and back on to see if this was some kind of misread, but the battery percent stayed the same. I kept playing the Switch to find out more. I drained the battery down to 1% after about an hour and a half. The Switch started to warn me that it could go into sleep mode at any moment. After that I kept playing for at least 20 minutes. My Switch was still on 1% and I had started to figure out what the problem was. The last test was if I leave the Switch off for awhile, will that change anything. After about 30 minutes (you can probably successfully do this after 10 or less), I turned my Switch back on and the battery percent was now 36% which is probably an accurate representation of how much battery life I should have left.

What it seems like is happening is the Switch is getting bad boot readings from the battery resulting in inaccurate battery percentages. The readings for how much the battery has drained over time still seems to be accurate but the boot reading is what’s messed up. So if you start your Switch and you’d that your battery is way less than you think, either keep playing and know that percentage is probably still there once you get to 1% or leave your Switch off for at a couple minutes and turn it back on. The reason you have to wait a couple minutes is because the Switch seems to hold on to that percent for awhile after it powers off.

This seems like a problem that Nintendo will probably have fixed in the coming months, but we’ll see. Let me know if you have any tips or tricks for this and if you’ve had the same problems in the comments.