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The day is here and the rumored Nintendo Direct hasn’t happened yet and more than likely won’t happen… today. I am still holding out hope that we will see it in the future. There are a couple things that could have happened with the date of the Nintendo Direct if the leak is true.

April 1st could easily have been a place holder date. First and last days of the month are often place holder dates. If this is true we could be looking at this happening anytime in April. This seems to be one of the more plausible things that could have happened.

The Nintendo Direct could have also been delayed. Nintendo might have made a last minute decision that April 1st wasn’t the best day to talk about news.

The long shot is that April 1st could have been a typo, maybe it is really April 11th or April 10th and they accidently left a digit off.

Of course this could just be a really well written April Fool’s prank. But personally I wouldn’t put it past Nintendo to release this Nintendo Direct exactly a month after the release of the Switch meaning we would see this on Monday, but that does seem soon. I would still keep an eye out for this Nintendo Direct to happen sometime this month.