Mass Effect: Andromeda is getting its first big patch since launch. This one seems to fix some of the animation issues, offers a better way to travel as well as a fix for some bugs and glitches. Andromeda isn’t the first game to have a rough start and have to patch the game constantly to deliver what the game should have been. This begs the question as a consumer should you even buy games at launch anymore?

A lot of games seem to get better with time now. They have bumpy starts and then end up an improved experience months later when everything gets ironed out, so why not wait to get the best experience possible?

I like to get my hands on a game as soon as possible. I also actually like seeing games progress as they go, I get a kick out of going back to the game and saying, “wow this is so much better”. Of course I think it would have been awesome if it was like this from the start but I may not appreciate the difference as much. I like seeing a game take the journey of being a buggy mess to being a smooth experience. I understand that this isn’t for everyone.

For anyone who doesn’t like a game improving while they play which is probably the majority, I suggest reading the reviews. If you read that it is buggy and littered with small problems, it seems like fixes are almost going to be guaranteed at some point and the game might actually become good. Even games that are received well to begin with only get better as updates come out. It seems like the longer you wait to play a game the more you are rewarded with a better experience.

It is sad that it seems like buying a game on day one is a punishment compared to waiting but that’s the reality for most games now. So next time you want a game but you hear it is buggy or needs improved wait for it to hit the bargain bin and by then it will probably be a better experience than if you picked it up day one for sixty dollars.