Microsoft has released the official specs for Project Scorpio. These stats show that Project Scorpio is shaping up to be the most powerful video game console ever released, as promised. However it doesn’t prove much else.

The Scorpio specs announcement is the first and somewhat desperate attempt from Microsoft to prove that they still have something to offer. Microsoft is shouting, “stop playing Zelda or Horizon and look at this!”. I don’t think this announcement was originally attended this far ahead of E3. Microsoft knows they aren’t currently in the limelight and every moment they aren’t the more of a beating they take.

After the release of Project Scorpio, Microsoft should be edging out the competition in speed and power, but not much else. Microsoft still needs the games. They are in an uphill battle right now and if they want their console to be a success they need games for it. They really need to show that they can offer more than a good console.

If we are lucky this is the beginning of a comeback. Microsoft really needs to show off at this E3 if they are going to win over the audience enough to pick up a new console, especially one that is a continuation of a console that isn’t doing so hot. The best way to do that is with games. Microsoft needs a ton of game announcements at E3. Forza is supposed to be one of those but that is now their go to exclusive. It is quickly becoming the Mario of Xbox. People want to see something a little more exciting and a lot more variety. Not only does Microsoft need to do this but they also need a good price point. Being a premium console the price is expected to be high but if they go too high they are risking a lot. The sweet spot to me would be $400, if they can hit that with a good launch lineup and show off some amazing capabilities Microsoft could be back on top after this year.