My Hero Academia is back. So far the first two episodes of the second season are off to a slower start than last year but this season is going to be 25 episodes where last season was 13. I assume we might see a slightly slower pace throughout the season. So far we have.

The first episode was mostly a refresher on what happened last season. Not really enough to give people who missed out on the last season enough information to understand, but enough to remind the people who have seen last season what they watched. The rest of the episode was spent setting up the arc of the current season which is a sports festival arc. This kind of arc has definitely been done before in anime multiple times but the writer of My Hero Academia so far has put their own interesting and different way of doing what has already been done into My Hero Academia. The first episode of season 2 was mostly a let down due to not much happening but the arc it sets up shows promise for the future.

The second episode still had bits of filler here and there, which mostly flowed through expository conversations. The rest of the first half of the episode is setting for the beginning of the sports games again. This time with a montage of everyone training. After the montage they get to the event there are some interesting conversations then the first event starts. From the word “GO!” My Hero Academia is back in full swing with exciting uses of quirks and interesting challenges that the characters find unique ways around. This is more of what I expect this season to be about. It is unfortunate that half of the episode was spent as build up.

So far My Hero Academia makes a good case for binge watching anime once the season is over. Maybe shows like this should consider one hour episodes instead of the normal 30. The show is still top notch and you can tell it is going to go some interesting places. The future of My Hero Academia is so promising having to wait week after week to get there feels torturous, but I have confidence it will pay off.

Episode 1: 7 out of 10
Episode 2: 8 out of 10