The first Thor Ragnarok trailer was released today and it gives a pretty good idea of what to expect from the upcoming Thor movie. Based on the trailer, Ragnarok seems like it’s what you want to see from a Thor movie. It looks like it has the best elements of the first and second Thor movies. You have Thor fighting his way back home like in the original and you also have more of the alien aspect as well as a much larger scale like The Dark World. Honestly to me The Dark World seemed better than the first Thor movie but somehow it was more forgettable. Thor Ragnarok doesn’t look like it will have that problem. This is set to be the best Thor movie yet if the trailer is anything to go by. I was worried before this trailer that the movie might seem like more of an assemble and go the way of Captain America’s last two movies, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Thor seems pretty front and center and definitely the heart of what is going on. Hulk will probably end up playing a minor role in the film and hopefully he shows up with no explanation and they back track the reason later to give more room for Thor.

This seems like a Thor movie based on the trailer but the way the alien races are done is very Guardians of the Galaxy, which is great because it gives you more of the one universe feel. It will be interesting if the Guardians of the Galaxy actually end up playing a role in this movie. We are only two movies away from Infinity Wars Part 1 so some crossover to explain some teaming up could happen.

Not only does this have Guardians of the Galaxy looking characters but the music and new logo seem to fit with their style. The movie seems to go a lighter route and does have a somewhat classic vibe like Guardians which is a promising change for the Thor series.