Don’t get me wrong it showed off some cool looking upcoming games for both Switch and 3DS, but not much else. A lot of the games were ones that we have already seen and this direct just expanded on. Specifically ARMS and Splatoon 2. It seems like the more Nintendo shows of both of these the more promising they look.

Splatoon 2 is getting a horde mode which seems like a natural fit for the franchise and I’m looking forward to trying it out. I can easily see this being almost as popular or more popular than the turf war mode. ARMS gets some more details about different weapons and showed off some great looking combat. Both trailers made me really excited to try out these games and luckily we don’t have too much longer to wait for either of them.

The most impressive part of the Direct was Nintendo announcing things on both 3Ds and Switch that are coming out today. It is always awesome to instantly get your hands on something that was just announced.

The worst part of this Nintendo Direct was the elephants in the room. Nintendo has announced things for the Switch with little to no detail behind their statements and every time they hold a conference and don’t elaborate more on these statements they leave people disappointed. Unfortunately this was how I felt after this Direct. We have heard nothing about the upcoming Virtual Console for the Switch in a long time. We also haven’t heard anything about the on the go multiplayer smartphone app.

Of course Nintendo has E3 coming up and hopefully they are pulling their punches for the big event. It is just unfortunate that Nintendo fans might feel left in the dark after this Nintendo Direct about their most anticipated features.